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Jun 21, 2017

Today we are delighted to bring you an interview with Professor Jennifer Jenkins. The interview was conducted at the University of Southampton in the south of England, where Jennifer is the Chair of Global Englishes and Director of the Centre for Global Englishes. 

Jennifer’s main research interest is Global Englishes, and in particular, English as a Lingua Franca. More recently, Jennifer has studied English language policies in higher education, and the implications of the spread of English and use of ELF for international and home students in both British universities and English medium universities in Europe and East Asia. 

Jennifer has written a number of notable publications about the aforementioned subjects, including 2000’s The phonology of English as an international language: new models, new norms, new goals, 2007’s English as a Lingua Franca: attitude and identity, and 2015’s Global Englishes: A resource book for students. 

In the interview, I asked Jennifer questions about the development of ELF research, it’s perceptions in the wider field, and some research that Professor Jenkins is currently conducting. 

Enjoy the interview. 

More about Jennifer Jenkins can be found here

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