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The TEFLology Podcast

Welcome to The TEFLology Podcast 

A Podcast about Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics / @TEFLology /

Sep 4, 2019

Welcome to The TEFLology Podcast - a podcast about language teaching, and related matters. 

We are pleased to be sharing with the first of our three plenary interviews that we were invited to conduct at the 2019 JALT PanSIG conference. The conference took place in May, nearby the city of Kobe in Japan. 

The first interview features Dr. Siew Ming Thang. Professor Thang works in the Faculty of Education and Languages at HELP University in Kuala Lumpur. 

Rob asked Siew Ming questions about CALL (Computer-assisted Language Learning), a key research interest of hers. 

We hope you enjoy the interview! 

More information about Siew Ming Thang can be found here - 

Information about the JALT PanSIG conference can viewed here -