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The TEFLology Podcast

Welcome to The TEFLology Podcast 

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Nov 9, 2016

Welcome back to the TEFLology Podcast! 

Today, we bring you an interview with Oxford University's Prof. Victoria Murphy. Victoria works as a professor in Applied Linguistics at Oxford's St Anne's college. Victoria's research interests include English as an Additional Language (EAL), bilingual and immersion education, and language development amongst L1 and L2 learners. 

Victoria's books include 'Second Language Learning in the Early School Years Trends and Contexts' (2014), and the co-authored 'Early Childhood Education in English for Speakers of Other Languages' (2016). 

More information about Victoria can be found here.

Rob and Matt met up with Victoria in October at Waseda University in Tokyo, during an Oxford University Press event that she had been invited to speak at. Victoria answered questions on here research areas of expertise. 

We'll announce the winners of our halloween competition in our next regular episode.

Thank you for listening!