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In this episode we bring you an episode recorded at the 5th annual EFL Teacher Journeys Conference in Hiroshima, Japan. Matt and Rob were there to present, and managed to grab some mini-interviews with conference attendees and presenters, as well as speaking about their own presentations. In order, this episode contains interviews with:

Mike Ellis (JALT Teacher Education and Development SIG)

David Paul (Language Teaching Professionals)

Richard Pinner (Sophia University)

Monika Szirmai (Hiroshima International University)

Tats Paul Nagasaka (Rikkyo University)

Matthew Turner (Rikkyo University)

Robert Lowe (Tokyo Kasei University)

We would like to thank Mike Ellis for allowing us the time and space to record the episode.

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Episode 44: Ruth Wajnryb, Basic English, and Bidialectism

In this episode, the TEFLologists discuss the life and work of Australian educator Ruth Wajnryb, Basic English - an international auxiliary language, and the results of a recent study on Bidialectism. 

A link to Ruth Wajnryb's book discussed in Matt's section can be found here.

More information about Basic English can be found here.

The bidialectism study that Matthew looked at can be found here

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