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TEFL Interviews 21: Shawn Loewen on Instructed Second Language Acquisition

Welcome back to the TEFLology Podcast! 

Today we bring you an interview Dr. Shawn Loewen. Shawn works on the Second Language Studies program at Michigan State University. His primary area of research is Instructed Second Language Acquisition (ISLA), particularly in relation to classroom interaction, as well as L2 instructional practices, including visual input enhancement, corrective feedback, and task-based interaction. 

Matt sat down and spoke with Shawn during a weekend-long seminar that he was giving at Temple University, Japan earlier this spring. Matt asked Shawn questions about ISLA, as well as related matters. 

Shawn's book which is discussed in this episode is available here. More information about Shawn can be found here. 

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In this hurriedly-recorded episode of the TEFLology podcast, the three TEFLologists speculate about what effect the result of the UK leaving the EU is likely to have on the ELT industry. Matthew also spoke to Jo Gakonga from about feedback training, and her new website:

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